1 year ago
15th Friday 2013

do you ever fantasize about meeting your favorite celebrities and then realize that if you ever made plans to meet them you’d probably die from a panic attack first and then get really sad because inevitably you’d chicken out and then regret it for the rest of your life

i hate emotions if i didn’t have emotions i wouldn’t feel this way to begin with about these stupid people and even if i somehow did i wouldn’t fall over from anxiety

how do you not have anxiety

pls tell me your secrets

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  1. balthatzar said: right? I was freaking the fuck out for days leading up to meeting misha. but somehow I was oddly calm during the signing and op? even though i was freaking out between them.
  2. armyforthebrokenhearted said: When I met Nick Jonas I was planning on actually talking to him, but when he asked me what my name was, I was so nervous that my mom had to tell him… Wow I’m awkward
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