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15th Friday 2013

av3ry replied to your post: do you ever fantasize about meeting your favorite…

right? I was freaking the fuck out for days leading up to meeting misha. but somehow I was oddly calm during the signing and op? even though i was freaking out between them.

HOW!!!!???? tell me your secrets i s2g i’ll probably fall over if i ever talk myself into actually going to a convention and going to a signing

and if i run into someone on the street i’ll probably either spill my coffee all over them like a bad fanfiction then start crying or avoid them for the rest of my life

and i do this with normal people too. i’m not cut out for the fangirl life, evidently

pickletoothpaste replied to your post: do you ever fantasize about meeting your favorite…

When I met Nick Jonas I was planning on actually talking to him, but when he asked me what my name was, I was so nervous that my mom had to tell him Wow Im awkward

i would probably be better off meeting misha collins than nick jonas if i ever met nick jonas i’d probably never breathe again

almost eight (!!!) years of fangirling does that to you

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  1. balthatzar said: I seriously have no idea, I’m supremely good at saying the stupidest shit possible, even in an everyday situation, let alone one like that. I took my anti-anxiety meds but usually my nervousness overpowers them. IT’S A MYSTERY I wish I could help :(
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